Hillary Soprano

So much to say about this video, I am not sure where to start.

It’s brilliant marketing. And Hill and Bill as Tony and Carmela explains so much. I think this is a winner for team Hillary. The video is viral, it’s gonna spread, she’s using it to introduce her campaign them song, which was picked via an internet vote. All good.

And I’ve got history with that diner, The Mount Kisco Diner. It was our family’s first meal the day we moved to Chappaqua in 1994. Emily puked all over the table. It’s a metaphor for our five years of purgatory in the suburbs.

And the songs. Ugh. You all know how I feel about Don’t Stop Believin’ but that sure would have been a much better choice than Celine Dion. That takes all the juice out of this for me. And it had a lot of juice.