I Still Love Jet Blue, But ..

I wrote a post several years ago titled ‘I Love Jet Blue’ (no link because I’m blogging from my phone).

In that post I talked about how Jet Blue gives me what I want (leg room in the back, free wifi at the gate, easy kiosk checkin, a choice of food in the terminal) and not what I don’t want.

They still do all that but it’s clear they’ve overexpanded. It’s 7am on a sturday morning at JFK and the Jet Blue terminal is mobbed. People sleeping everywhere. Congestion in the walkways and retail locations.

It’s been this way every time I’ve been here in the past year. It wears on you.

I sure hope the new terminal gets done quickly because at least in NYC, Jet Blue has gotten too big for its britches.

#Blogging On The Road