In Love With The Curve

I am blogging this while we are driving back from long island. The gotham gal does the driving in our family so I am not breaking any laws of man or nature

One week into Curvedom and I am loving it. The best blackberry I’ve ever owned and I’ve had at least a half dozen since my pager style device in 1998

The camera is the thing that I’ve wanted so badly and now have. I’ve been shooting and emailing to flickr all week. If you want to see the quaity, check out my flickr badge on the right sidebar. Its not 7MP quality like I get on my Canon, but convenience trumps quality in my world.

I will be photoblogging a lot more from now on. I always have my blackberry on me. I don’t always have my canon ob me

The form factor is also great. Super light. Great feel. I know many people think it feels flimsy. I think it feels thin and I like that

The thumbwheel took me all of a couple days to grok. Its as good and maybe better than the scrollwheel.

The software is basically the same that I’ve come to love. The blackberry makes sense to me like no other phone interface I’ve ever used

There’s one drawback. Battery life. I charge my blackberry every night. Always have. Its like brushing my teeth. I can’t sleep right if my blackberry’s not charging at night

But a nightly charge isn’t enough for the curve if you broswe the web and take lots of photos on a daily basis. I am not sure if its the camera or the browsing that kills the battery but I know that I have to charge intraday to be sure of making it to bedtime. And that’s not so great

Bottom line is I love the phone and give it a 4.5/5. If they fix the battery life issue the phone is perfect

I’ve had a bunch of questions on how I got an unlocked AT&T Curve. Apparently you can’t get them in the AT&T stores. I just googled ‘unlocked curve’ and found a bunch of stores selling them on the web. I can’t recall the name of the store I went with But it started with mobile (duh)

Unlocked phones are the wave of the future. I don’t want my carrier and my phone connected in any way. Carrier is dial tone. Phone is functionlity. That’s the way it should be and will be some day

Long Curve Short iPhone

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