July 5th is Unlocked iDay

Tomorrow is iDay, in case you didn’t know. People will be lined up around the block at the Apple stores here in NYC to get their hands on an iPhone. I am not even sure I’ll get one, but if I do, it will be unlocked. I don’t care about visual voicemail. I’ve already got one better with Simulsays Beta (still buggy) running on my Blackberry.

What does interest me is an iPod with a killer browser. And I’ll run it on whatever carrier I want to run it on, which in my case is T-Mobile. Here’s what I need.


Here’s a couple places you can get unlocked iPhones on the web:

Apple iPhone iPod Unlocked GSM Phone – Popular Electronics

Buy Apple iPhone Black Unlocked GSM Cellular Phone, Apple Cell Phones

And here is where you’ll soon be able to get a software unlock.

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