Love Is A Mixed Tape

I’ve mentioned this book, Love Is a Mix Tape: Life and Loss, One Song at a Time, a few times already. I finished it yesterday. It was good, but not great.

I wanted to love it like I love all of our mixed tapes. It wasn’t as good as any of them.

It’s about two young kids who fall in love with each other and music. They make mixed tapes for each other. Then one of them dies. The other is left to pick up the pieces and deal with all the mixed tapes.

It’s a true story and it’s told well. I loved that Renee named her dog after Duane Allman. I loved that Rob hated dogs but went along with Duane because he loved Renee.

But mostly I loved the song lists. I wanted to listen to all those tapes. That would be something. A book with a soundtrack.

No reason not to do it. They should have.

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