Programming My iPod

There are no new insights in this post. Just ideas that I’ve been talking about non-stop for years. But I can’t help myself.

I have ~5000 songs on my iPod from about 300 artists. Talk about abundance.

Each and every song is there for a reason. I value them all.

But in a world where content is so abundant, you need someone to program it for you.

That’s the "discovery/navigation layer" I’ve been talking about lately.

Yesterday coming back from LI, Jessica took my iPod and created an "on the go" playlist of 61 songs from 35 different artists. I published it as an iMix and I’ll embed the playlist here as soon as apple puts the iMix up in iTunes.

It’s a fantastic playlist. We listened all the way home from LI yesterday. And I had it on for my bike ride this morning.

The playlist contains nothing new. All my songs which have been on my iPod for months/years. But programmed by someone else. I love it.

UPDATE: Here’s the iMix. It’s not the whole playlist because a bunch of the songs are not available in iTunes. None of the live Stones songs from the Brussels Affair bootleg that Andy gave me made it. The Beatles didn’t make it. Nor did Ben Lee. All the Eels songs from Blinking Lights were left off. And so on and so forth. iMix has it’s limitations, but the 44 songs that did make it are great. You can get the iMix here.

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