Now that I am a Money Hungry Blogger (thanks for the image Dan), I want to remind everyone who reads this blog (or stumbles across it) of several things.

1 – this is my blog, not a publication, and not representative of anyone or anything other than me. in my mind, it is me. if i think it, like it, or do it, it appears here at one point or another.

2 – i don’t subscribe to any code of conduct or rules about what i do on this blog other than it needs to represent me. i try to disclose when i have financial relationships with the companies i blog about but beyond that i don’t try to live up to some journalistic notion of editorial integrity or objectiveness. this is a BLOG.

3 – i don’t get paid to put widgets on my blog. there are three ad units on the page, a banner from federated media, a google skyscraper, and a between post ad unit from feedburner. that’s it. and i give all the proceeds to charity.

4 – i write this blog for me. it helps me think outloud. and for my family and friends who keep track of me through it. and for anyone else who wants to read it. if you don’t like it and don’t want to read it anymore, that’s just fine with me.

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