I Spent The Morning At Etsy Labs In Brooklyn

I was out at Etsy’s offices, aka Etsy Labs, in Brooklyn this morning. I love going there because the company’s offices are also a big workshop, open to anyone at no minimal cost who makes a reservation, where people can work on their arts and crafts.

The company is living in the middle of its community. Because Etsy is a community of people who like to make and/or buy handmade goods.

This is a picture of a sign for Etsy’s offices that was made by a group of Etsy sellers called The Polymer Clay Artists Guild. It just arrived one day. And it is really great. I put a few pictures of the sign up on Flickr. Each letter was made by a different Etsy seller. And Etsy Labs is full of stuff like this.

If you haven’t been to Etsy, you really need to give them a visit. Here’s how to visit them on the web. And here’s how to visit them in person.

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