The Aerosmith Debate

At some point in the last 24 hours the comments on my All Apologies post veered from a discussion of my arrogance and credibility into a debate about what the greatest Aerosmith record is. For that I am eternally grateful Jackson.

Jackson, Steve, Tony, and Pietro (aka The Lord of the Thighs) debated the merits of Toys in the Attic, Rocks, and Get Your Wings.

I went for a ride this morning and pondered the question with some tunes on my iPod. And I have to tell you that they are all wrong. But you knew the arrogant (or assertive) VC would say that.

The greatest Aerosmith record is Live Bootleg. Because all great bands at their peak are best live (Get Yer Ya Yas Out). And because of the bad ass cover of Come Together. And because of the "encore" of Ain’t Got You, Mother Popcorn, and Train Kept A Rolling.

I love the way Ain’t Got You and Mother Popcorn showcase the early Aerosmith when they were mostly a rythm and blues band. Like listening to England’s Newest Hitmakers. You hear the foundation of the band being built.

And the record ends with a blistering version of Train Kept A Rolling with the crowd shouting the chorus. All rock shows should end like that. So Live Bootleg gets my vote guys.

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