The Facebook Problem

Brad Feld has a post up where he talks about The Facebook Problem. Brad sees an emerging problem for those who are developing apps for Facebook and says:

It seems like Facebook could easily turn on CPM based ads on all of
the Facebook apps pages and do a revenue share with the application
developer.  Suddenly, the application developer would get paid for the
massive new page views they are getting (as would Facebook), and
Facebook would create a real incentive for the publishers to stay with
their apps and grow them. 

In the absence of this, Facebook is going to need to address the
“value to the apps developer” quickly, before some of the larger apps
vaporize due to the developer saying “I’m not willing to keep paying
for servers and bandwidth.”  I can think of a couple of other
approaches here, including Facebook building an in-the-cloud
infrastructure for their developers that they make available to one’s
that reach a certain level of popularity.  But – the straight “we’ll
make more money and share it with you” seems the most logical approach
to me.

I see a different Facebook problem. Invite overload and application noise. I cannot keep track of all the invites I am getting, both the standard invites and the application invites. And what’s worse, I can’t keep track of all the applications that all of my friends are using.

We all know I am not the Facebook generation. So maybe I am just not capable of dealing with this level of social networking. But I bet that many of the members of the Facebook generation are secretly wishing for the old Facebook where it was more about them and their friends and less about being a social operating system.

The comments to Brad’s post have a few such examples. Since there are a bunch of members of the Facebook generation who read this blog, please tell me what you think.

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