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We have a second home on the east end of long island that we use a lot in the summer and almost never in the winter. That’s where we keep our vinyl collection and our turntable.

The arrival of summer means the reacquaintment with our vinyl collection. It’s old (nothing in there post early 80s) but it’s great. Every Stones record until Tattoo You. Most of Neil Young, Bob Marley, Elvis Costello (up to King of America), Bob Dylan (until Infidels), Led Zeppelin, etc etc. It’s the merger of three collections; Gotham Gal’s (Joni Mitchell, Jackson Brown,  etc), mine (rock and roll), and a friend who donated his entire collection to us when CDs arrived.

This photo is not our collection. It’s my friend the mediaeater‘s collection. Check out the fickr photo because it’s got great notes and comments.

What’s impressive about mediaeater’s collection is that he’s got lots of new stuff. I bought my friend Pat the new Arctic Monkeys on vinyl a couple weeks ago. I got Jackson the Arctic Monkey’s debut LP on vinyl last year.

I think it’s time for me to start buying vinyl for our own collection again. In fact, I think given the ubiquity of digital music on the Internet, there really is no reason to own mp3s. If we want to collect it, I am thinking it should be vinyl.

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