A Day Without A Post Is Like .....

Kendall left this comment on the last post about Facebook:

My day has bothered me without a new post on AVC

Well that’s nice of you to say Kendall, but nobody is bothered more than me by a day without a post. It means I’ve basically had not a minute of free time all day to write. And I hate that.

I am headed out to a cool dinner that I might blog about tomorrow. But I thought I’d say a few things:

1 – Nick and his crew should stop trying to out Fake Steve Jobs. The FSJ blog would be a lot less fun if it wasn’t anonymous.

2 – eBay put out Q2 numbers today and is doing great. Remember the meme (see I can learn to love this word) a year or two ago that Google was going to kill eBay. Doesn’t look like it to me.

That’s it for now. Gotta go meet some entrepreneurs in Williamsburg.

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