How Not To Reach Me

I know that I’ve talked a lot on this blog about the problems I am having with email. So quite a few people have taken to messaging me on LinkedIn and Facebook. Please don’t do that. I don’t respond to Facebook and LinkedIn messages. Frankly I find them problematic for different reasons.

LinkedIn – there is this whole structure to a LinkedIn message that I don’t like and never have. You have to allow someone to contact you. It takes time and energy. I’d rather LinkedIn just provide my email. It’s on my blog after all.

Facebook – I get an email telling me there’s a message waiting for me at Facebook. Why not put the message in the email and put the person’s email address in the reply to field so I can reply like an email? Again, it’s easier to send me an email.

I just turned off all Facebook notifications this morning and would like to do the same with LinkedIn if I can do that. As bad as email is, it seems like it works better for me than the alternatives.

#VC & Technology