Just To Be Clear

On the Sicko posts, I am trying to stir up some debate, discussion, and conversation about our health care mess. I haven’t made up my mind on anything other than we can do better. So I’m in diligence mode and no I am not stopping after only talking to three Canadians. In fact I consider the 65 comments I’ve received on the two posts so far additional diligence. Count on more posts and more diligence. And thanks for being part of the discussion.

On the Marc/comments post. I am not criticizing Marc and Seth for turning off comments. Who knows why they chose to do it? They have huge audiences and the problems of managing community could be very different at that scale. I was just trying to say that I wouldn’t blog without comments. I need the feedback to keep me going. And I am sorry to see Marc lose that wonderful aspect of blogging so quickly after only five weeks. I’ll leave out the f word this time.

#Random Posts