My New Year's Resolution Has Been A Failure

My new year’s resolution this year was to get completely off of Microsoft products and it’s been an abysmal failure. I have not been able to get off of Entourage which is the worst software product I have ever used because I am locked into a Microsoft Exchange platform at work for sharing contacts, calendars, and email. And we are locked into it because it works so flawlessly with our Blackberries. It’s a killer combo. It’s funny that its RIM’s technology that’s keeping me on Microsoft technology.

So I am caveing in, which many of you predicted, and going back to Windows and Office. I am getting a new MacBook Pro and pre-installing Parallels and Windows and Office on it.

I’ll use Windows/Office for work stuff and OSX for everything else.

But I am hopeful that soon we’ll leave Exchange for Google’s platform, gmail and gcal primarily. All Google needs to do is build a client for Windows and OSX and Blackberry and iPhone. And I’ll be gone from Microsoft for good.

And it couldn’t happen too soon.

#VC & Technology