Old and New

  Turntable and Sonos 
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I finally got Sonos working at our beach house this week. I’d been using an old Dell machine running Rhapsody connected to our beach house stereo system. It worked but had issues.

Sonos with Rhapsody is the killer music solution. I know I’ve said that many times on this blog and am now sounding like a broken record. But it’s true.

Speaking of records, our beach house is home to our vinyl collection (and mixed tape collection). So we often go back in time and pull out records. There is something so great about holding the record jacket, pulling the record out, placing it on the turntable, dropping the needle right at the start of the song. Old skills that we had nailed that we don’t use so much anymore.

And no doubt about it, vinyl is a warmer richer sound. I am thinking of getting vinyl copies of my favorite records that have come out since 1985 since that’s when we stopped buying vinyl for the most part.

Anyway, turntable plus sonos is an even more killer music solution. I love it.