Over Twittering

I am not sure there is a case of blogging too much.

But ever since I’ve been on Twitter, I’ve had this feeling that this is an activity that needs to be moderated.

I started out not knowing if I would ever have the urge to post a message. That went out the window the second day. Then I had the urge to send a message to Twitter every hour. I held back. I figured, like blogging, I should post something around twice a day.

Lately, I’ve been twittering three or four times a day. But I still am holding back. I could Twitter my whole life. Some do. And I have the urge to take them out of my feed. Which is exactly why I hold back.

I am curious to hear what others who use Twitter think about this. Is there a case of "too much". And if so, does it depend on the person, the messages they post? Or is there just a magic number?

#VC & Technology