Peer Produce Facebook Age Distribution Stats

A follow up to my post yesterday morning on the age distribution of Facebook users.

Here’s a link to a web spreadsheet with the facebook age dataset for Connecticut College and MIT. If you are inclined to grab the age distribution of any networks you are in, please enter it here for everyone to see. We can and should tally up totals when we get enough networks in there.

The way I got the MIT data was to go to the networks tab in Facebook, then click on the link that has the total members number. From there you can search for members of any given age and you’ll get a results page with the total number of members listed. For any large school or other kind of network, the college ages will return more than 500 members in which case you don’t get an exact number. I figured that in the colleges, everyone is a member and just used the number of enrolled students.

Thanks in advance for anyone who wants to contribute this data.

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