Refusinik to Confusnik

Great line in Jeff Pulver’s post about why he got an iPhone.

I am no longer an iPhone Refusnik…but rather an iPhone Confusnik.

Me too. On July 4th in the evening, I agreed to buy an activated iPhone from a friend for his cost (not including the AT&T contract). I’ll be using it as an iPhod, which is an iPod with wifi, a browser, maps, etc. I am not going to use the phone or the email. I’ve got a Curve for that. Basically I am replacing my iPod with an iPhod.

I don’t have the iPhone yet, but I’ll get it this week. But I am already confused about what I’ll be able to do and what I won’t be able to do.

I am particularly concerned that I’ll have to use iTunes to synch music and photos instead of being able to drag and drop. This post explains there is no way to get music and photos onto the iPhone without using iTunes. I’ve got way more than 8 gigs of music on my laptop and I’d really like to manually drag and drop the music I want on my iPhod.

I think someone should create an alternative iPhone sync program. Apple is starting to use iTunes to lock us all into their world. I don’t like to buy my music from Apple and I don’t like to be forced to use their software to connect to their devices.

Almost makes me want to go back to being a refusnik.

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