Search Improvements On This Blog

I have made some tweaks to the way the search field on this blog works. I’ve been using Lijit for the search box for a while now and I like it.

According to Lijit, I get about 50 searches a day on this blog. That’s enough usage to try to get it working right.

So first, I moved the search box above the fold on the right sidebar (at least above my fold). That’s been nagging me for a while.

Second, I added back the search term cloud. It’s interesting to me what people search on. Maybe it is to you too.

Third, I added re-search to my archive/permalink pages. When you come to this blog via google or any search engine, you’ll see the re-search box at the top of the archive page with some additional links. Since about 40% of the traffic to this blog is search driven, I think that should be helpful. I’d be curious to hear what people think.

#VC & Technology