What Happened To "Skip This Step"?

It used to be that when I accepted a friend request in Facebook, I’d get a choice of about a dozen ways I know somebody. I never once filled it out. I always clicked on "skip this step" and moved on.

Recently (in the past couple days?), that screen changed in my Facebook account and I can’t "skip this step" anymore. Now the choices are "request confirmation" or "cancel" (see below).


Did I do something accidental or did this change in everyone’s accounts? If so, why?

UPDATE: Based on the comments I am getting, it’s not me. This is truly annoying. I get a lot of friend requests. Adding several more steps to the confirm is a pain in the rear. This combined with the facebook spam that’s taking over my email inbox is getting me damn close to leaving the service entirely. Maybe LinkedIn is the adult Facebook after all.

#VC & Technology