A Birthday Gift To My Feed Readers

For some reason, I could never get a link to my typepad comments into my feed.

One of the reasons I moved to disqus is that they told me they could do it easily. And they did.

Today, I got a feed flare for my disqus comment system.

So if you are reading this post via a feed, you should see a link to comment.

Please click on that link and tell me what you think.

#VC & Technology

Comments (Archived):

  1. Nate Westheimer

    Fred, I use NewsFire on my Mac and subscribe to your Feedburner feed (of course) and did not see the comments in the feed. Could be me, but could mean it’s not working. Anyone else?

  2. Keonda

    Fred,I read your posts via MyYahoo! feeds, and the “0 comments” link points to http://feeds.feedburner.com…, i.e. a blank page.PS: Happy Birthday!

    1. Jason

      It seems like FeedBurner is caching the link before the thread was created for this post. The next time FeedBurner updates, the link should be fixed. I’ll look into this issue.

  3. Geoff

    I use google reader and didn’t see any link there 🙁

    1. Jason

      Which feed are you subscribed to? I see the links on http://feeds.feedburner.com…, but not any of the others yet.

  4. Nick Smith

    Comment link is there in Google Reader but renders a blank page. ;-(

  5. Nick Smith

    Hey Fred, this is really not that important right now… go enjoy your b/day.

  6. Robert Dewey

    In two years when I’m twice as old, I’ll be the same age as you ;-)Happy b-day.

  7. Preston

    I like it, but wouldn’t it be nice if the feed flare linked straight to the comments on your blog? I like this disqus commenting system, but I think it would be better send commenters here.

    1. Jason

      This will be an option in the future. I will change it so it goes to the blog by default.

  8. Jeffrey McManus

    Fred, I saw the link in NetNewsWire on the Mac and clicking through worked, but it was pretty slow (the comment page took about 10 seconds to come up).Great idea, though — I’ve always thought that most blog comment systems have been anemic and they should really be pluggable.

  9. DAR

    Not working in Bloglines.

  10. Luke

    Type your comment here.

  11. Luke

    I see the link in Google Reader. Nice addition to the feed.

    1. Jason Preston

      Google reader does indeed show a working link, but I think I’d rather land on the blog page than on a disqus thread page. The post is rendered funny and scribbles off the side of the page halfway through.Happy Birthday Fred!

  12. byki

    format a lil screwy in IE for me. comments are appearing below the gutter on left. closed <div> issue?

  13. Gregg Smith

    Link works in Netvibes.

  14. fewquid

    Using Feedreader 3 and it works like a champ…

  15. Martin

    Link appears and seems to work fine in Google Reader.

  16. Clay

    No link in Netvibes…

  17. zach coelius

    They really need to fix the pre-loading of my info. super annoying. Otherwise it works in G reader.

  18. mim

    This is really neato!I’m using feedable (reader.feedable.com) and it’s working beautifully. Do you think disqus is going to be available for beta testing anytime soon?

  19. Adam

    Works perfectly for me in Google Reader. using feeds.feedburner.com/AVc.

  20. Ian Wilson

    Worked in Bloglines after updating my subscription to your feedburner feed (http://feeds.feedburner.com…Seems a little odd though to come to a different site to add to your blog comments?