A File Trading License

Bob argues for a file trading license in this post which is a good idea and I know that many have tried this model but nobody has made it work yet. I personally think a $10/month subscription that gets me an "on demand" listening service like Rhapsody plus a license to trade on the p2p networks is a great model.

I think sampling music on the p2p networks sucks because it still takes time to download and with all the spoofing on the networks, it’s a pain to deal with them. And you can’t get all the music you want on the p2p networks so easily.

So sample on Rhapsody, or Napster, or Yahoo Music, or some other streaming service. And if you want the mp3, get it on the p2p.

All for the price of $10/month. I agree with Bob that this might be a very popular offering.

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