Bug Meetup

Several weeks ago, Bug Labs, the open source hardware company we funded last year, started coming out of stealth mode with a dinner in San Francisco with some leading bloggers. When I posted about that dinner, many of the comments lamented that there was still way too little information coming out about what Bug is up to.

Fortunately the blogger dinner was only step one. Step two is Bug+BLANK, where BLANK could be a city, a university, an event, or whatever. These are Bug meetups that will be happening across the country. The first one is next week at a bar (open bar) in NYC, so its Bug+Bar+NYC.

You can click on that link and read the formal invitation to Bug+Bar+NYC, or you could just show up:

When: Tuesday, August 14th
Where: Punch Upstairs, 913 Broadway (in the building that Bug and Union Square Ventures call home)
Time: 6pm to 8pm

Jeremy Toeman, Bug’s marketing guru, has two more posts on Bug+BLANK, one talking about what’s happening on Tuesday night and one talking about why it’s important that CEOs get out and mix it up with the community.

Bug is about community electronics not consumer electronics. Like open source software, Bug will only be successful if a community of enthusiasts and hackers start using the Bug platform to create interesting new devices and software to run on them. So I like the idea that Bug’s marketing program is face to face meetups with real people all over the country who want to engage in a community electronics ecosystem.

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