Bug - Under The Hood

Bug Labs (a Union Square Ventures portfolio company) launched its new website this week and the details of the hardware and software are now out in the open.

Engadget has the details if you want a quick summary.

Or go visit the product page at Bug Labs to get the full scoop.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. Ethan Bauley

    OMG!Cross this thing with a rapid-prototype machine (“3-D printer”) and we’re at the beta fabricator!Really really hip, wish I had the skills to play with the BUGbase…Definitely the coolest thing I’ve seen since last night’s Wilco show at the Greek ;-)(I thought Nels was gonna have an aneurysm a couple of times…sheesh!)(also, not being able to preview your comment on Disqus is awful)

    1. Chris P.

      >> Cross this thing with a rapid-prototype machine (“3-D printer”)I salivate thinking about that… sounds too amazing. Someone jump on this asap and change the world.>> (also, not being able to preview your comment on Disqus is awful)I thought the superfluous preview was the most annoying thing after having captchas.

    2. obscurelyfamous

      Hi Ethan, you will be able to edit your comment from this page soon.

      1. Ethan Bauley

        Hi Daniel…great, thanks, I know it is a work in progress, keep up the good work! 😉

  2. Joseph Krian

    hi,i think this is going to be something to look out for. this is something that i knew that would eventually be coming. let’s hope it delievers on quiet hype it’s been generating. i know a lot of people who would kill to start playing with this a little early. i’ll have to direct them to the beta sign up…

  3. john

    I already have an idea on what I want to do with something like.Sometimes I play around with home security stuff. It’d be awesome to get something going with webcam and touchscreen functionality. Compared to other platforms, the hardware may not be over-the-top amazing, so it’s going to be up to the ease of the sdk to make this happen. Hell, I’m excited for it.

  4. tso

    will someone make a proper fphone with this?

  5. Butch Howard

    I am very eager for the teleporter module to be available.

  6. Raj


  7. DanInCambridge

    Hmm, sounding more and more like a Sun SPOT. http://www.sunspotworld.com.Well, the low level hardware interfaced by object oriented java part.Cooler that this has an 802.11 stack.