Does This Exist?

I put my photos online at Flickr and occasionally directly on this blog. My girls put their photos at Facebook. My niece puts hers on Facebook too. The Gotham Gal occasionally puts photos up at Flickr and on her blog.

My parents are visiting and my dad asked if there was a way we could create a shared space on the web where our family could aggregate all of these photos that are being posted in various places and we could comment on them privately.

He’d also like to upload his photos to that place since he and my mom don’t upload photos to the web, they just email them around.

So, the requirements are as follows:

1 – standard photo sharing, uploading, commenting like flickr
2 – ability to create a private space, ideally it would be a blog with photos in reverse chronological order, with comments, and an RSS feed to take the photos out (a private RSS feed? not sure about that one)
3 – ability to feed certain taggged photos in from Flickr, blog posts, and Facebook, and other places that support RSS photo feeds

I think that’s it. Does such a service exist?

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  1. Andrew Ferrier

    Flickr probably will do what you want. You can set up private groups, and even share them with people without a Flickr account. It might not fully fulfil (3) though.

  2. bg porter

    Have you looked at SmugMug? They’re targeting this kind of use (families, private groups), and have associated tools for sucking pix out of Flickr (SmuggLr).

  3. Phil801

    Other than the privacy part, you could accomplish a lot of this with Tumblr.

  4. gchittim

    You can do with Yahoo! Pipes with a little bit of hacking:- pull the photofeeds from various services- use the single feed to create posts on a password protected weblog that allows for comments- set your parents up with a photosharing site that allows upload-by-email, and have them copy that email address whenever they send pictures around.

  5. nick davis

    There needs to be so much work in this area. I have 5000 photos on Flickr, and a Flickr app for Facebook, but I absolutely love the social tagging aspect of Facebook photos. The only problem is that Facebook photos has a 30 photo limit per album, and does not store hi-rez copies. What to do?For now, I just pull some of my choice shots from Flickr to Facebook using a bookmarket (… and then tagging in Facebook. Not ideal, by any means.You’re right about photo aggregation – but when I show people like my parents the value of distributed tagging, they’re amazed. “Here’s every picture of you and X” is a pretty powerful way to (and probably only) organize photos. For instance, I recently did Shoebox Scanning on all my parents poose photos sitting in drawers – about 1500 of them. I’ve tagged many of them, but it would be nice to have help, especially since I don’t know all the people in the photos.

  6. Alan Chapell

    Fred, check out as that might do the trick. I know their CEO if you’d like an intro….

  7. billg

    not sure if the solution exists, but people are working on it.WiredReach has described a service its developing called CloudFire to simplify media sharing across existing services. I found a reference here:

  8. rob

    For #1 and #2, I’ve left the “standards” (ofoto, snapfish, flickr) and settled on Picasa from Google.The Yahoo Pipes idea could be very interesting…..

  9. -Barbara

    Some sites have some of what you want, but I’ll be curious to see if one/more has ALL. Picasa and Google have a nice set up, but don’t allow comments. I like the public/private features. It also has RSS.

  10. RacerRick

    No, nothing like that exists.You could hack it together. Everyone uploads photos on their own to Flickr or similar service that has RSS feeds. Have a specific tag for photos that are going into the group.Then “pull” all the group tags via rss into one space and add disqus comments.Actually, it could be done. But it’s a hack.

  11. Dave

    .mac web gallery

  12. Peter Pezaris

    Multiply was designed from the beginning to satisfy this specific need.Check it out: http://multiply.comPeter PezarisPresident & CEO Multiply

  13. Ryan Spoon

    I do this using a web domain I purchased for our family and installed wordpress (.org – not Uploading photos is *very* simple. Commenting is fully enabled. RSS is available. And you can set the blog / folders to public or private – you can also enable specific users as editors, readers, etc. It’s not really considered a photo service – but WP does the job for me!

  14. RG

    It seems like a perfect challenge for a yahoo pipes developer! figure out a way to integrate feeds/data from a standard web gallery (depends on software package), flickr (easy), blog (easy), and facebook (api? existing pipe block?)The security may add another layer, but there ought to be a way to hack this together in some reasonable manner.Anyone else? thoughts?

  15. Jonathan covers a good deal of what you need, importing from flickr and facebook is easy. We’re working on a timeline feature to display images in chronological order.

  16. markitecht

    Ning, baby!Flickr importing through the API plus ability to load feeds. Private network is a snap.

  17. David Pollak

    CircleShare does a lot of what you’re looking for. We take an “open” approach to photo sharing. Our desktop clients integrate with existing desktop photo management programs (iPhoto, Picasa, Adobe Elements) and make sending photos (including batches of thousands of photos) as easy as dragging and dropping. Receiving photos “just happens” with no need to log into web sites, etc. It’s all secure (all data is transferred over SSL and 3/4 of our team worked at VeriSign.)CircleShare also allows you to “publish” photos to existing web sites (SmugMug, Picasa Web, and Facebook are currently supported and others coming soon.) We plan to “slurp” photos from those sites as well so you can grab the old photos from the disparate sites where they may exist back onto your current desktop machine.CircleShare can automatically back up your photos to our servers (with backing store @ Amazon’s S3).CircleShare can also “Harmonize” photos across your machines so you always have the latest photos on all (or a subset) of your machines so you never have to worry about which machine the camera was loaded onto.Finally, CircleShare allows you to email photos from mobile devices up to CircleShare (you get a unique email address) and we automatically put those photos on your machines and will be adding features to distribute tagged photos to the recipients of choice.It’s not exactly what you described, but may address many of the issues you have with existing photo sharing services.

  18. dave

    Sort of. Private RSS is tough to do. But we’re working on a project ( that will hopefully pull this together, with access controls, in the near future. Right now, it pulls together public RSS feeds from a bunch of locations, and pushes out updates to friends & family (with an e-mail digest).Unlike Multiply, we’re trying to be completely open and flexible about this (though we’re not there yet) — we’re going to have RSS and an API for everything that’s site-specific.We don’t host photos or any other content on our own, and we don’t want to — others have already done this better, and will continue to do so. We’re just trying to make it easier for people to stay in touch.

  19. Derek

    I was going to suggest pipes as well…I’ve always wanted to play around with it, so maybe I’ll give it a crack tonight.

  20. skimaine

    i second markitecht and would try out

  21. Brandon

    Hi, I think Apple’s new .mac service allows all of that, though it’s not free.

  22. tomhigley

    Hi Fred. We’re building it – with an initial focus on live music events. (You’ve seen all those cell phones held aloft; where DO those pics and videos go?)

  23. Vitas

    Try – great online viewing experience, uncompromised image quality, supports RSS feeds, allows creating collections to organize photos from several people. Subscription based, no ads, and it allows ordering prints.

  24. Cuneyt


  25. bobby

    I am shocked, almost 30 comments and nobody mentioned Fotki (

  26. WFS

    For the picture part, allows you to define a set of people who can view and a set of email addresses that are permitted to submit pictures either for your approval or directly. It doesn’t have direct blogging that I know of, but can link to an existing blog elsewhere.

  27. aurora

    pownce by the revision3 digg folks ~ i can send you an invite if you like

    1. aurora

      tried to send you an invite ~ seems you are already a member