Does This Exist?

I put my photos online at Flickr and occasionally directly on this blog. My girls put their photos at Facebook. My niece puts hers on Facebook too. The Gotham Gal occasionally puts photos up at Flickr and on her blog.

My parents are visiting and my dad asked if there was a way we could create a shared space on the web where our family could aggregate all of these photos that are being posted in various places and we could comment on them privately.

He’d also like to upload his photos to that place since he and my mom don’t upload photos to the web, they just email them around.

So, the requirements are as follows:

1 – standard photo sharing, uploading, commenting like flickr
2 – ability to create a private space, ideally it would be a blog with photos in reverse chronological order, with comments, and an RSS feed to take the photos out (a private RSS feed? not sure about that one)
3 – ability to feed certain taggged photos in from Flickr, blog posts, and Facebook, and other places that support RSS photo feeds

I think that’s it. Does such a service exist?

#VC & Technology