Favoriting Ads (continued)

Sometimes you write a post asking for something and then months later you find someone has actually built it. That happened with my desire for a Flickr/Twitter integration that I posted about in June. By early August Dave Winer had built it.

Also in June (I guess I wanted a lot that month), I posted about the need for tools to engage with advertisments  like the way we engage with social media. I called the post "Favoriting Ads". It was a fairly popular post, it got 20 comments, and 7 links. A decent amount of "social media engagement".

So I was excited when I saw the idea implemented in the form of a company at Y Combinator’s demo day in early August. The company is called Adpinion and they have built a simple way to vote on ads. You will see one of their ads on this blog, right below the Federated Media banner ad on the right sidebar. Play with it, vote on some ads, save your profile, and let me know what you think.

It’s very early days for something like this. For this approach to work, they need a ton of ads. And they basically have none right now. It looks like they are just pulling items from Amazon and turning them into ads you can vote up or down on. But what we all really want is to be able to vote up or down on the Mastercard advertisement or the Financial Times ad, both of which have been in heavy rotation on this blog in recent days.

So I am not sure whether Adpinion should try to build an ad network of their own or if they should work with existing ad networks to add value to their inventory and help them target ads. Maybe what Adpinion has done is easy enough for existing ad networks to replicate and that’s what will happen.

But regardless of how this all plays out, I am thrilled to see banner ads with up/down buttons on them. It would be a wonderful thing if all banner ads on the Internet had them.

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