Hatzidakis (continued)

I promised a follow up post on this great greek white wine we had in Santorini.

Their importer is Trireme Imports and they can be reached at 704-875-1973.

They put me in touch with a wine store in Astoria Queens (of course) called Grand Wine and Liquors.

Grand Wine and Liquors can be reached at (718) 728-2520. And they deliver on saturdays to Manhattan.

That’s the good news.

The bad news (for you all) is that I pretty much cleaned out Grand Wine and Liquors stock of Hatzidakis (a case each of Santorini and Nikteri and four bottles of Vin Santo). So they may well be out of it if you call. But I alerted Trirememe to that fact and they told me they can get Grand Wine and Liquors restocked pretty quickly.

So that’s the solution to how you buy Hatzidakis wine here in NYC (and the rest of the US). I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.