More Jens

I am deeply into the Jens Lekman obsession unleashed by Michelle’s mixed CD. And fortunately, I got an advance copy of Jens’ new record,  Night Falls Over Kortedala.

I’d heard a bunch of tracks on this record already, like the amazing Opposite of Hallelujah, and the Jonathan Richman-esque, Friday Night At The Drive In Bingo.

But it’s a song about pretending to be the boyfriend of a lesbian who can’t bring herself to tell her dad, called Postcard To Nina, that’s the highlight of the record for me.

And for extra measure, here’s a Jens track I heard on the bike ride today. It’s his take on the old cliche, Don’t Judge A Man Until You’ve Walked A Mile In His Shoes.

Pretty Shoes – Jens Lekman

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