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I am deeply into the Jens Lekman obsession unleashed by Michelle’s mixed CD. And fortunately, I got an advance copy of Jens’ new record,  Night Falls Over Kortedala.

I’d heard a bunch of tracks on this record already, like the amazing Opposite of Hallelujah, and the Jonathan Richman-esque, Friday Night At The Drive In Bingo.

But it’s a song about pretending to be the boyfriend of a lesbian who can’t bring herself to tell her dad, called Postcard To Nina, that’s the highlight of the record for me.

And for extra measure, here’s a Jens track I heard on the bike ride today. It’s his take on the old cliche, Don’t Judge A Man Until You’ve Walked A Mile In His Shoes.

Pretty Shoes – Jens Lekman

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  1. jeremy

    I not a bigmusic guy and usually just skip over your usic posts, but for some reason, I clicked on PRetty Shoes. Wow…this is good stuff. Downloaded all of the tunes. You’ve opened my eyes. appreciate it.

  2. Robert Seidman

    those sure are a far cry from the Beastie Boys, The Rolling Stones…and Don Henley.

  3. Jess

    Pretty nice stuff! I like it!

  4. jill

    I ,too, usually just skip over your music posts, but I listened today! Much appreciated–thank you! Also like the Nationals and Kings of Leon (from your posts as well). We play Dylan way too much ’round here.

  5. Joe Laz

    Just catching up on your posts while I was on vacation. From your profile, it looks like you haven’t listened to Beirut. They remind me of bit of Jens, but with their own amazing sound. Here’s a taste……I trust you know where to find more if you’re into them 😉 ~ Joe