My Mobile Office

My Mobile Office
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I’ve done two round trips between NYC and the east end of long island this weekend. I don’t mind doing it all.

I’ve got my mobile office which consists of a power adapter (that’s why I prefer the train to the bus), my Bose headphones, my Verizon mobile broadband card, and my MacBook.

It’s no different than being at my home office or my work office, except that the interruptions are less.


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  1. dpnova

    bluetooth mobile phone broadband here. I just got a replacement battery, and ordered more RAM, not quite the same as buying a mac though. 🙁 *envy*

  2. markslater

    bose headphones are key! i have the same setup! greetings from london town

  3. Salman

    If you want to go even more virtual, try… They give you a US mailing address, and then scan your snail mail, and pdf it for downloading via the web… I’ve been using the service for the past couple of months, and together with my skype phone number, it creates a totally virtual existence – whether you are using mobile broadband on long island, or wifi on a greek island, your office is the web.

  4. Jonathan

    I travel with the same setup (MacBook Pro + VZW card) but I have substituted a pair of custom Ultimate Ears (… for the Bose headphones. I made the switch about a year ago when I got tired of lugging the Bose in my carry-on when flying to the coast. The sound from the UE-10s is exquisite (studio quality) and they are much, much smaller. As well, because they are custom molded to your ears (the whole process takes 10 minutes), they effectively seal out almost all ambient noise, whether on the Jitney or the train, in a way that I find superior to the Bose noise cancellation. I also have a pair of the custom Sensaphonics (…, which are equally excellent, though slightly more expensive.Re: interruptions – I know the feeling. I often find myself stopping off at Pain Quotidian and hiding away at a corner table on my way to the office so that I can find some uninterrupted time to get work done!

  5. Scott Yates

    I just tried using a Sprint broadband card and got the grey screen of death over and over. VZW must be the way to go.