New Comment System Feedback Please

Jackson, who is the most frequent commenter here at avc, doesn’t like the new comment system and feels that as the most frequent user of it, his opinions should matter. They do.

He doesn’t like the fact that he’s not remembered from past commenting and he hates the fields where you enter name, email, and web address.

His words to me were direct. Fix it or dump it.

My preference would be to fix it. I like that the comment system is divorced from the blogging system. I like the idea that web services are combinations of various services, not one monolithic service. I like that I’ll soon be able to link to the comments on each post from my feed, and I like that you can reply to a comment and see that discussion as threaded. And most of all, I like that Disqus handles the comment spam for me.

So in an effort to improve instead of remove, I am soliciting feedback. It’s been a week since I cut over. I sense fewer comments coming in, although that could be the summer doldrums or a bunch of posts that don’t inspire comments. Regardless, I want more comments not less. So tell me what you don’t like. I’ll point the team at Disqus at your comments and ask them to incorporate the feedback into their product roadmap.

Given that they built the entire thing in 10 weeks, I am certainly willing to give them another couple months to get it working the way you all want it. That may be longer than Jackson is willing to wait so I’ll make sure his two beefs are at the top of the list. As they should be. He has earned it with his words and so have all of you who weigh in on the discussion and make this a community instead of a publication.

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