New Rogue Wave

Rogue Wave’s Descended Like Vultures was one of my favorite records from 2005. They’ve got a new record coming out called Asleep At Heaven’s Gate that I got an advance copy of.

It’s just as strong based on a couple of listens.

Here’s a track we really like called Like I Needed.

Like I Needed – Rogue Wave – Asleep At Heaven’s Gate

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  1. Mike Champion

    Thanks for the track! I’m a Rogue Wave fan, and surprised they aren’t bigger than they are. I saw them last time they came through Boston, and it wasn’t a huge turnout at the Middle East.

  2. Brian Greenbaum

    If you haven’t yet, take a listen to “Eyes” from the Just Friends soundtrack. It’s become my favorite Rogue Wave song.RhapLink:

  3. edward

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  4. Andrew

    Good taste, Rogue Wave is a great band and “Descended Like Vultures” is a solid album. I found them when they were opening for Nada Surf here in Boston a couple of years ago, and was hooked right away.

  5. JT

    Had dinner at Maxwell’s in Hoboken after reading this yesterday and saw them on their calendar. Friday November 2 – (though their calendar says the 3rd)

  6. SB Dave

    great track, Fred. can’t wait to hear the rest of the record.