Santorini On The Water

  Me On Boat 
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One of the comments to my post on Santorini several days ago was from Ian:

I was just in Santorini myself — my wife and I did a half-day private boat tour around the Island with Captain Ted

It’s definitely the way to see Santorini.

Well funny enough Ian, we had already booked exactly that trip and we did it yesterday.

It was not cheap, so I’ll qualify it with "if you are willing to shell out some significant cash", but this was a great thing to do.

We spent five hours cruising along the southern shore, stopping to swim by the red and white beaches, then cruised into the Caldrea, swam in the hot sulphur baths, got incredible views of Oia and Fira, had dinner in a harbor on the island of Therasia, swam some more near the volcanic islands in the center of the Caldera, and then were treated to an amazing sunset and some dolphins swimming with us on the way home.

I put a few photos of the day up on Flickr if you are interested in seeing more.