OSX Help Please

I got out to our beach house last night and needed to do some work on the network. So I turned off all the computers in the house. When I turned on the Mac Mini this morning, I saw this screen.


Now that’s very odd because no users were ever set up on this computer. We’ve never had to log into it before. And of course, I don’t know the name and password since none were ever set up.

106156_2_2So I did some googling and found out that if I reboot the computer with the install disk I get an option to reset the password. That sounded like just what I need.

When I did the reboot with the install disk, I found my way to this screen (this screen shot is from the Apple support page). The only problem is there are no users to select from which of course makes sense because no users were ever set up on this Mac Mini.

At this point, I’d happily set up a new user and login with that user name and password but I can’t figure out how to get into OSX and System Preferences to do that.

So I am stumped. I don’t really want to reinstall OSX on this machine and anyway, I’ve got a newer version of OSX running on the Mac Mini than the one that I’ve got an install disk for.

Does anyone have any good ideas for me? I am all ears.


Here is a photo of the "reset password" screen I am seeing on my Mac Mini. There’s no system admin (root) user for some reason.


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