Part-Time Placeblogging

I like to invest in the services we use and I like the use the services we invest in. I find it’s better to start out as a user and become an investor.

So when I started using, I wanted to get the posts I was doing about places into the service. And I wanted the Gotham Gal to be able to do the same. I submitted our blogs feeds to and tagged them with a zip code. And then realized that everything we were posting was going to get geotagged and posted to

So right then and there, well before we invested in the company, I saw a big problem with the service, but also a big opportunity. I urged the company to figure out a way to allow "part time placebloggers" to use

Most bloggers are not full time placebloggers like curbed or brownstoner. Most of us blog mostly about music, or technology, or politics, or knitting, or whatever. But we all live in places. We all visit places. And we all post at times about places. And the idea behind is to make all of this blogging about places discoverable, to facilitate the conversation about places the way techmeme gets conversations going in the tech world.

So it’s critical that part-time placebloggers get picked up in or any local oriented service that intends to cover a place or a set of places.

The Gotham Gal and I have been using a service from that solves this "part time placeblogger" problem for the past month or two and it has worked like a charm. Today the company has announced it’s availability to anyone who posts occasionally about places.

Here’s how it works.

1 – become a neighbor (ie register) at

2 – tell that you are a "part time placeblogger" and give them your blog’s URL

3 – put a google map link in any place post you write, or tag it with a zipcode in the post’s tag field, or just type where:10010 (or whatever is the correct zipcode) right into the blog post.

That’s it. Steven Johnson has a good description of how this works and why its a big step on his blog (and also at the blog).

If you occasionally blog about places, give it a try. It takes a little time for the post to show up in but it will be there in at least an hour or two and given all the distribution deals is working on, it will probably show up in a lot of other places on the web that are about the place you blog about.

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