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One of the reasons I do this blog is to play around with stuff.

I’ve been doing a lot of that lately, the new comments system and twickr being the most recent examples.

My friend Steve Kane (frequent commenter to this blog) asked me to try out this new web based polling service called Quibblo that he’s involved with. There are a lot of services out there that do this kind of thing, but I am happy to engage in shameless promotion from time to time, so I said "sure".

It’s running on my right sidebar about halfway down, but I’ll run it here in this post too. Let’s find out what kind of people read this blog.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. Steve

    The software’s math is screwed up. It tells me there are 8 responses, yet several fields indicate 8% and 17%. Mathematically, of course, that’s impossible with 8 responses. Quibblo still needs some work.

  2. Seth

    I think the math is probably correct since a user can select more than one category, the denominator is not 8 it is the total number of answers. However, you are right that this may not be the optimal way to review the data and make the most sense of it.

  3. Rick Klau

    Fred – Not a major issue, but the Quibblo code gets garbled when viewed in Google Reader (and, presumably, other aggregators that don’t like javascript). Not sure if there’s an easy work-around for them, but it means that feed readers can’t participate in the poll without coming to the site…

    1. Jason Preston

      Also true for the Google home page RSS widget.

  4. Wille

    I think you are missing two options:- Previous startup founder (as in has been in a startup, but is currently not)- Aspiring entrepreneur (as in not currently in a startup, but aspiring to be)

  5. DB

    you also may be missing the “employee of established company” field…there are a lot of us

  6. Aaron

    Hi Fred – is there an easy way to decide whether your start-up has turned into an established company? 4 years on, 50 employees and still growing with a steady revenue stream, but in confusion over which button to click on….

  7. Chris Ceppi

    You should also add “Type of Blog reader that does not participate in polls” as an option – could provide useful data for Quibblo 🙂

  8. dblankley

    Are the results inline with your expectations?From the looks of it, it would seem that your blog is effective at raising awareness of you and your firm among entrepreneurs.

  9. CoryS

    Being one of the “established company” types, knowing the split of Bus. Dev./M&A v. line/operating managers would be interesting to see.Survey results look like you have more “suppliers” (entrepreneurs) than “customers” (strategic buyers).

  10. Anagha

    Missing one more category – Aspiring VC

  11. Aruni Gunasegaram

    Interesting. Seems like I fall in the highest percentage of your readers (33%) as of 12:27 CT on 8/10/07 category of “Startup founder.” I also see your FM Publishing Ad for PERT Plus shampoo. I wonder how many Startup founders use PERT shampoo? Currently I use Suave and/or Clairol usually purchased at CostCo. I wonder if PERT thought about getting more Startup founders to use their product and if that would sell more product. I guess it would depend on the gender of the Startup founders they wish to target. Hmmm. Interesting things to think about.

  12. jackson

    Where’s the ‘Little Brother’ catagory?