Received This Message On Pownce

From Jake:

Starting now, I’m collapsing every app I see on any Facebook profile.
Probably sounds ridiculous coming from an app developer but it has
become way too overwhelming to scroll through an average profile.
Facebook feels cleaner already.

This isn’t coming from a 46 year old person, it’s coming from a 15 year old. Something to think about.

I gotta figure out this "collapsing" thing so I can clean up my Facebook too.

Also, it sure would be great if I could get my pownce messages and Facebook status updates in Twitter. And I am sure there are Facebook and Pownce users who would like to get my Twitter updates in those services.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. Wil Stephens

    Absolutely. Many of my friends are leaving Facebook like rats off a sinking ship. And they’re all <25 years old and early adopters of Facebook. The app clutter is the death of Facebook. Real shame, but I’m sure someone else will crack the Platform idea without overwhelming a good service with, well, junk.

  2. ckstevenson

    Is there any good Facebook 101 or “How to” guide out there? While I know what “collapsing an app” means I think (clicking the “minimize” button on the app so all it data is not showing) I’m a little slow on how I can/should use Facebook, various apps, etc (and I’m a ripe old 28).

  3. David G

    Yep, most FB Apps are SPAM. The big mistake was automating invites; it’s sanctioned phishing.

  4. jackson

    What’s Facebook?Damn, …….late to the party again.Reminder to self, need fifteen yr old assistant……….

  5. andydigitale

    Fred,at least there is a way now to post to Facebook, Jaiku, Twitter (among others) at once with this wonderful little app It’s one of the killer apps that are cropping up for MacOSX recently.And to ‘collapse’ your Facebook modules just click on the ‘X’ in the upper right hand corner and click on ‘Remove Box’. But you probably knew that anyway.Andreas Lienemann

  6. Jerome Paradis

    There’s a service with a few tricks to automatically post your Facebook status to Twitter. You set this up once and then forget about it. Follow my blog post to learn more: http://blog.jeromeparadis.c