Scorcese's Stones Movie

No way can this be as good as The Last Waltz, but I gotta see this movie when it comes out. Guaranteed the whole family will be going.

Thanks to David Hyman for blogging this.

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  1. tobias

    wow do they make it difficult to share that content… I *really* wanted to get that up on me.dium and drive our users to it… but after 5 minutes of playing around, I still cant find the source url… so I’m left to drive our users to your blog. Which is totally fine, but not the point. Maybe I haven’t had enough coffee today?anyway, yes, the movie looks great!

  2. Tony Alva

    There is only one response I can offer; Oh Hells Yeah!!!

    1. fredwilson

      somehow i knew you’d say that. awaiting Jackson’s comments.

  3. michels

    who’s fighting and what for….can’t wait to see it.

  4. charlie gower

    I do hope you’ve seen Cocksucker Blues!

  5. jackson

    Well, I was gonna say that if Muddy Waters and Rick Danko showed up it could be as great as The Last Waltz, but then I hear ‘You Got the Silver’ and ‘Loving Cup’ in the trailer, and then I saw Buddy Guy, and now I know it will be better.

    1. fredwilson

      i showed the trailer to Josh and he said, “when does it come out?”i knew you were going to go wild over the You Got The Silver thing.i’ve never seen/heard them do loving cup live

  6. jackson

    The saving grace of the Stones since the mid nineties is thier penchant to reach deep into their catalog for the live set.