Something About This Song And August

Josh is obsessed with this song. He puts it on everytime we get in the car and plug in the iPod.

No Backbone – Lemonheads with J Mascis

What’s funny is that I posted this song last August when I first heard it.

I love Dinosaur Jr. and The Lemonheads. In this case, you get two for the price of one. A great summer song with great soloing by J Mascis.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. Jay Parkhill

    Nice song. Growing up in Boston going to alt-post-soft-punk-thing shows these were two of my favorites as well, though I liked the “early” Lemonheads better. Nostalgia . . . <sigh>

  2. Z@elbows

    Dinosaur Jr. is actually playing at Webster Hall this coming Monday (Sept. 3rd) night, last I checked tix were still available.

  3. ppearlman

    i just pulled this up..…man brings back brilliant memory…was the same yr Ten came outcatching a buzz w ritzer mayberry and jl at the top of the exorcist steps catching a cab to 930 club to see d jr in our nations cap.come on down…..

  4. Wells Baum

    Good track. The Jamie T album dropped on the iTunes US store. Worth a DRM-free download.