The End Of The Install Game

You have to hand it to the people over at Facebook. They pay attention to what’s going on in their community and when something is out of hand, they fix it.

Everyone knows that the race to get the most installs had some bad effects. It led to application spamming, cost per install advertising, and the net result was lots of installs and little use.

So Facebook made some changes recently to the way they rank applications when you browse the service for new ones. Installs no longer matter. Usage, real usage, matters. Here’s the default tab when you start browsing for apps (the best real estate you can get).


Top Friends is still on top, but their 13mm installs don’t matter anymore, its just the 2.7mm people that actually used the Top Friends app recently that counts. As it should be.

Back in early July, I wrote a post comparing Facebook stats to FeedBurner stats. In that post, I said:

But Appsaholic needs more data to be truly useful. Like FeedBurner
did, Appsaholic needs to get beyond the "subscriber/user" number and
get into what is actually getting used.

In more good news, Appsaholic has adopted the new methodology too. So focusing on installs is over. The game is now daily usage. And that’s exactly what every really cares about at the end of the day.

I gotta hand it to Facebook. It seems that they are doing most things right these days, but most importantly, when they see something is wrong, they fix it. And that’s how you build a great company.

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