The FPhone

When I was a high school senior, my parents were eager to see me go to West Point, where my Dad and many of my parents’ family members had gone. I applied but I satisfied all the requirements (physical, recommendations, interview, etc) on the last possible day. My heart wasn’t in it. One day my Dad came to me and said, "you don’t want to go to West Point, do you?". I said, "I don’t, but how do you know?". He said, "because the people in the admissions department tell me you aren’t acting like you want to go". Sometimes actions speak louder than words.

So the fact that my iPhone is still sitting unopened in my office tells me something. I don’t want it. I have absolutely no interest in it. I’ve held an iPhone before. I’ve taken a picture with it. I’ve typed on it. I’ve used the awesome browser and maps. It’s a work of art for sure. But it’s not what I want in a phone to be honest.

The rumors of the GPhone that are running in the blogs this morning make me optimistic. Could Google actually deliver what I want? I am sure they are headed in the right direction. Here is my dream phone:

1 – same form factor as the iPhone – 3" x 2" super crisp display
2 – pull out dual slider keyboard like the Helio Ocean
3 – no operating system – just a browser, everything happens in the browser
4 – gmail, gcal, gmaps, gsearch, and the web
5 – flash audio and video
6 – data plan only, no voice, and also wifi
7 – voice delivered via voip (gtalk and skype) integrated with gmail address book
8 – sold unlocked only, not through any carrier
9 – a GSM radio – thanks Craig

Now that’s a killer phone. Because it’s not a phone. It’s a mobile browser that supports voice. That’s what I want. Who is going to be the first to deliver a mobile device like that?

#VC & Technology