Trying Out A New Comment System

I am lending a new startup a hand by letting them showcase their new comment system on this blog.

I don’t know how much I am supposed to say about them, so I’ll stay silent on them for now.

You’ll notice that this post and the previous post and any future posts will be using the new comment system.

I hope you like it and please let me know what you think in the comments (naturally).

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Comments (Archived):

  1. simon

    testing testing one two three

  2. simons

    hmm its faster, lighter and cuts out the capcha.nice,

    1. eli

      does it include threading?

      1. Jason Preston

        Apparently so. Fred, can I add this to my self-hosted WordPress blog?

        1. obscurelyfamous

          Hi Jason, I sent you an email.

    2. Jason Preston

      I think comments have needed some overhauling for a while. I never understood why “regular blogs” didn’t have the threaded comments I learned to love at livejournal. There’s so much that can be done with just a static list.

    3. acs


  3. jasonknight

    I like the point system for comments

  4. Jackson

    As long as it works. Gotta keep my frequent commenter status.

    1. obscurelyfamous

      With an account, you can keep an ongoing commenter reputation.

  5. Trev

    will I did like it until I tried to post the a comment and got”403 ForbiddenCross Site Request Forgery detected. Request aborted.”

    1. Trev

      – original comment -I like!like how you can go to disqus and sort comments by hotness, best etc.

    2. obscurelyfamous

      Thanks for bringing that to our attention, Trev. That should only come up when, well, that’s actually detected. ;)We’re looking into it right now.

    3. BenjaminEllis

      Sounds painful, but otherwise this looks cool and a step up in reading productivity!

  6. Mike Douglas

    Giving it a try.

  7. Michael Koziarski

    Looks really cool. Though an openid signup would be great!

  8. chris

    i’ll let you know in 5 seconds

  9. narnia

    how far can you thread these comments?

    1. m1ke

      Anyone dare to find out?

      1. Jed Christiansen

        I’m willing to help try.

        1. Adam Doupรฉ

          One more level perhaps?

  10. vc_sandwich

    me eat venture capitalists for lunch

  11. Ric

    Is this SezWho, or an alternative?

    1. Ric

      Hah – should have read below the fold before asking that question … notice it doesn’t remember my details (name/email/blog) for the next comment

      1. Jason

        This has been added. Thanks for bringing it up.

  12. Bryce

    Anyone care to register a guess on who this secret comment start-up might be ;-)I’ll start:

    1. Ric

      Looks like Disqus to me …

      1. Ric

        That’s neat – I made that last reply on the Disqus site and it appeared here on A VC pretty snappily … nice so far. If you follow the discussion on the Disqus site you can double-click the Name/Email/Website boxes and the browser will help you with previously-entered values, but that doesn’t work on Fred’s site until you start entering something

        1. ballytf

          testing.-edit- yeah creating a account on their site keeps track of comments and keeps you logged in.

    2. Josh

      There is no secret. I am the co-founder of intense debate and we have been in the open for quite a while.

      1. Zoli Erdos

        Oh, this is the night of Commenting ๐Ÿ™‚ I just read the Intense Debate post on TechCrunch, and seeing the some of the attributes, I actually thought this was the same, with a different skin. Then it turns out to be Disqus… wow ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Zoli Erdos

          Ouch, that looks ugly, sorry ๐Ÿ™

    1. Ric

      If you scroll down to the bottom of the comments it invites you to follow the discussion at Fred’s Disqus site …

  13. player

    gotta plan

  14. Michael Cullina

    Fred, when I saw you at the Facebook hackathon I mentioned how much I liked your North Country Girl set last winter. Today Pandora played me a Jimmy Buffett, Live at Fenway, version of Southern Cross, a wonderful, soulful song. That sent me to Youtube where I found a CSN “coffee house” version from early days, the Live Aid version, and a 2006 reunion version. The musical quality of all the YouTube tracks was very poor, but the song remains poignant and beautiful. I was at Live Aid in 85, so memories return.

    1. Michael Cullina

      My view is that, in a comment thread on comments it is impossible to be off topic.

      1. Mike

        Well, I just went back to YouTube and listened to Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan doing North Country Girl in 1969….then, a new discovery; from the “related” box on the YouTube page. Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson doing Pancho and Lefty. Very wonderful.

  15. Fraser

    Woah, now this will be interesting:disqus = appears to be a Y Combinator start-up. intense debate = a TechStars start-up.Both have the same offering. Even the interface appears to be the same. Interesting coincidence to say the least. Will be fun to watch it play out ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Jim Kerr

      Disqus is written on Django, it seems. I’m not a designer/programmer and not that familiar with Django, but it seems snappy.

  16. Jim Thompson

    Seems pretty similar to Intense Debate from TechStars, but with fewer features.

  17. Jeff Judge

    I think disqus is going to do well – such an obvious problem that has never been tackled the right way. Looks like they’re solving that problem.

  18. Kendal H

    Looks good to me. No captcha. Amazing

  19. Jimmy

    Looks to me like disqus just ripped it off from intense debate.

    1. russ

      Yah…you’re right! They wrote the whole thing in the 3 hours following Intense Debate getting TCed. These guys must be some hardcore hackers!

      1. Charlie Crystle

        I’m getting a little tired of features getting attention. It’s a feature. It’s a feature. It’s a feature.yawn.

        1. SwellJoe

          Sure, it’s merely a feature. But it’s a really good feature. That makes all the difference.

      2. Hans H

        They sure are!

  20. lawrence coburn

    I am pleased to be trying out this new comment system in a natural fashion.

    1. lawrence coburn

      threaded here.

      1. lawrence coburn

        <img src=”” border=”0″ alt=”Image Hosted by”/>Shot at 2007-08-03

        1. obscurelyfamous

          We’ll coming up with a good approach to handling posting media in blog comments.For now, if you view this thread on the forum (follow the link at the bottom), you are able to embed images with your new comment.Let us know what you think!

  21. keven

    very cool!

  22. Pete

    Hmmm… what’s the big deal here ?

  23. ninefish

    seems real cool, natural and nothing getting in the way of the stream of consciousness. If it’s secure and still viable without the captchas then i’m a fan already

    1. ninefish

      what’s with the scoring system though?who gets to decide the position of the commentary?

      1. ninefish

        will it support CoComment?

      2. obscurelyfamous

        you can help decide by voting up or down. the default sorting method is ‘hottest’ which is the most popular at this particular moment, but it can be viewed as newest, nominal best, etc.

  24. Garth Walker

    Oh, the highlighting parent-child thing is awesome when you mouse over a child name/photo.

    1. Garth Walker

      I don’t like that it sent me to their website to view the entire comment thread. Also, my brand new comment got stuck between 2 older ones over here. Weird.

      1. obscurelyfamous

        The display sorting can be changed by the owner (Fred :). By default, it’s sorted by the hottest comments (the most popular comments at the time). Also, the entire comment thread is viewable here. That link just allows you to view it in the context of the blog’s full forum, so you can start a new topic that isn’t in response to the blog entry. Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Razvan Roman

    Looks tidy ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. fredwilson

    52 comments in the past 7 hours! I guess the way to get a lot of comments is to try a new comments system.

  27. dpnova

    +1 vote from me, looking good.

  28. Amesh Kubunterie

    A cross-browser WYSIWYG editor would be nice to have along with an extended menu panel allowing me to insert some previously uploaded media to go along with my comment.

  29. TP McKenna

    it is smarter

  30. Sameer Shaikh

    Hello Fred,I liked it quite a bit but somehow getting some JS errors… morever I find it a bit slow… Another thing is about the UI the Mouse users really have to move a long way to click on the comment before filling in some info…Adding counts and latest comments can help more…RegardsSameer Shaikhhttp://pm-better-than-sex.b…

    1. obscurelyfamous

      Thanks for the suggestions, Sameer. We build the implementation to be as noninvasive as possible, but we’re always improving on this. I wasn’t able to replicate those JS errors — I’d appreciate it if you sent me the details at [email protected] (Sorry I wasn’t able to locate your contact info).

  31. Tester


  32. DonRyan

    Looks good. What platforms is/will it be available for?

  33. jer979

    taking one for the team just to see how the comment section is working for you.

  34. SteveLB

    My IE session hung for about 5 minutes when I tried to bring up comments. Now it is chewing 15% of my CPU and 170Mb of memory. Maybe still some bugs to shake out?

    1. obscurelyfamous

      Thanks, I just made a note of that. We’ve been testing on IE but haven’t seen that yet. Investigation underway!

  35. ben s

    looks slick.. can i use it too? ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. RacerRick

    I’ve been waiting for someone to make a nice, hosted comment system that could work on any site, regardless of the system, where it’s hosted, etc.Hopefully these guys have done it. Would love to try it with Feed.Us.

  37. Nic Wolff

    “field labels in fields which disappear when the field gets focus” is not as good as “field labels in fields which disappear when the field has text in it”.

  38. Mo

    Fred, What happens to your MyBlogLog community?

    1. obscurelyfamous

      Mo, we’re working on something that won’t lose people’s MyBlogLog avatars.

  39. Lloyd Fassett

    Can you get the top rated comments into my RSS reader? I rarely pop out to a blog to check the comments out and would like to see only the most relevant ones that contribute to the conversation in my aggregator as a part of the post.

  40. blink

    This from one of the Tech Stars companies?

    1. Steve

      There with YCombinator.

  41. Ivan Kirigin

    This is a test of an emerging comment system.

    1. Ivan Kirigin


  42. Gustaf Alstromer

    It’s nice, but it should be more compressed in my opinion. Conversation view is great but paging on webpages shouldn’t be necessary

    1. obscurelyfamous

      Hey Gustaf, it’s turned on right now to test a few things. Pagination can be controlled by moderator(s). Thanks for the feedback.

  43. Pramod

    Test comment. Hope you don’t mind.

  44. JD

    check it!

  45. Fred

    Just testing!

  46. sd


  47. ageedoy

    Am I commenting on Digg, Reddit, or Facebook? I can’t tell anymore!!! Ahhhhh!

  48. Steven Kane

    very cool stuff (albeit very reminiscent of good ol fashioned bulletin boards and newsgroups)but i do miss being ble to preview my comment before actually posting

  49. adam

    Without javascript on, I can neither see the form nor the comments. I prefer the old system where I didn’t have to turn on javascript

    1. adam

      furthermore, search engines won’t find the comments. On the paging, it’s really strange having the discussion split across multiple pages, I think I’d rather scroll

  50. garytruitt

    Nice, and easy to follow. Also like the click-in-box color….maybe add this feature to the Name,Email,Website fields as well. Just a thought.

  51. bob


  52. bob

    What’s so revolutionary about this? It’s a threaded blog. Slashdot has had that since 1998. Ohh…but now you can have your picture too.

  53. Eric Friedman

    This already looks like a better system for comments. I am not seeing any integration for other services that many bloggers already have accounts with such as mybloglog, but perhaps they will soon. The multi-level threading system makes things much easier to read too. I will be integrating this into my blog soon.

  54. dfsfds


  55. PrelKikam

    enter text? test, sorrydfdf767df

  56. Jesse Petersen

    This is a pretty slick piece of coding. I like it a lot and it looks like it goes nicely on high-volume posts.

  57. Jason

    Hi Fred, feel free to reply to this message.

    1. Jason


    2. fredwilson

      Testing this cool comment reply via email thingyIf this works disqus is my favorite web company of the day

  58. David Sweyer

    This is just a test, please vote me up gang

  59. Mick Liubinskas

    Has some nice features, but I still found it a blur of “too long to read them all, can’t tell where the gems are”It’s tough with comments since they don’t stay relevant for too long and they rarely get enough mass of voting.

  60. Mick Liubinskas

    Yep, Tangler is here checking it out too. We’re not a commenting tool, but we’re all in this big space of Commtribution = community + contribution :-)Or maybe CommGen = Community Generated Services. Like Warcraft is a CommGen.Mick

  61. Maykel

    Petit essai afin de voir si cela fonctionne bien :-)merci pour l’idรฉe de ce systรจme.

  62. elrincondelotaku


  63. macdet

    looks very nice. gratulations

  64. foo

    cool .. next post please



  66. test


  67. nareshr