I asked for it about a month and a half ago.

Dave Winer built it a couple days ago.

It’s a simple but, I think, powerful mashup of Twitter and Flickr.

I upload a photo from my Blackberry to Flickr.

And Flickr tells Twitter to send a message with a link to the photo to everyone who follows me.

Nice work Dave. It works like a charm. It’s simple, easy, lightweight (no software to install), and all based on RSS and APIs.

Two requests.

1 – this should be flickr tag based. every photo I upload from my blackberry to Flickr gets autotagged with blackberry. so Flickr shouldn’t alert Twitter unless it sees that tag (or any user selected tag).

2 – the title of the photo should be the twitter message.

With those two changes, I’ll use this all the time.

#VC & Technology