I asked for it about a month and a half ago.

Dave Winer built it a couple days ago.

It’s a simple but, I think, powerful mashup of Twitter and Flickr.

I upload a photo from my Blackberry to Flickr.

And Flickr tells Twitter to send a message with a link to the photo to everyone who follows me.

Nice work Dave. It works like a charm. It’s simple, easy, lightweight (no software to install), and all based on RSS and APIs.

Two requests.

1 – this should be flickr tag based. every photo I upload from my blackberry to Flickr gets autotagged with blackberry. so Flickr shouldn’t alert Twitter unless it sees that tag (or any user selected tag).

2 – the title of the photo should be the twitter message.

With those two changes, I’ll use this all the time.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. Dave Winer

    Hi Fred…First, thanks for the kind words.I implemented your first request. A very good idea. The second one might not be so easy, but I’ll take a look. My phone doesn’t set any tags on the pictures.Are you coming to Gnomedex??

  2. Gautam

    Hey Fred and Dave,This sounds like exactly what I’ve been looking for to fill some void in my Twitter/Flickr filled life. I’m going to go fiddle with this, thanks!

  3. Phil

    dumb question (sorry) – where is it? I couldn’t find it on Dave’s blog…Thanks!

    1. Dave Winer

      Phil, it’s in development. It’s only been a couple of days…I’ll be sure to let Fred know when it’s ready for more users and he can post a link.Gotta do this carefully, before I create a support nightmare! 🙂

  4. greenskeptic

    Very cool! And it adds a great new dimension to twitter…vacation photos, capture meetings…just hope the Naked Putz doesn’t start twickring bathroom shots!

  5. Jared Hanson

    Fred and Dave,Thanks for promoting and developing this, respectively.I’ve recently developed something similar, but instead of posting to Twitter, I have a real-time widget of photos on my website. Details are here:…There’s also a link to the code I’ve developed, which anyone is free to use. It satisfies your two requirements of extracting titles and filtering by tags. The code is written in PHP, and tailored somewhat to my uses, but it may be of use.Dave, let us know when you release. Cheers!

  6. Charles

    Fred,Tangentally related…check out which has built in web cam support…shots get uploaded and are available to browse at Kinda cool.Cheers

  7. DanRunion

    Now can we get Twitter to make an HTTP request to the photo behind the url and just load the image in the Twitter box?

  8. Lawrence Pit

    You can do this yourself. Simply go to enter your Flickr URL, choose Include: “Title”, enter “Filter by Keyword”: blackberry, prefix tweet with “Flickr”.

  9. Pangoo

    Twickr so cool.But I haven’t have a blackberry .

  10. RacerRick

    That’s a neat idea. I may have to pony up for a curve (hope the wife ain’t reading this).I like as well. Webcam fun.

  11. ifyoumakeit

    Reminds me of when Beach twittered every song he listened to on his iPod. Glad to see you’re asking for an “action” tag.

  12. Mathijs

    Hi guys,We integrated a photo to Twitter, or actually a posting to twitter functionality to our moblogging platform. Check i out! You can add your Twitter details and your (mobile)postings are automatically also placed in your Twitter. http://www.mobypicture,comLet me know if you have any feedback!Mathijs

  13. Brent

    I think I’ve got exactly what you’re looking for… Take a look at

  14. Mathijs

    Yesterday we also added Flickr support, so right now you can also automatically add your pictures to your Flickr-account. Within a few days we’ll also add tagging possibilities.