Yesterday, when my troubles lasted all day, I found a place to hide away.

It was one of those days. Nothing worked. I was late for every meeting or the other person was. I got stuck in the subway twice, once in a car with no AC.

You couldn’t get a cab anywhere. And it was hot and muggy.

But I found a place to hide away, The Beastie Boys at Summerstage.

A little beer and a lot of three white jewish rappers from Brooklyn did the trick.

But when the guy in front of me in the super slow beer line ordered 40 beers, I figured it was a fitting end to a day where nothing went right.

Note: Thanks to Brooklyn Vegan where I ganked this photo.


Comments (Archived):

  1. Alan Chapell

    Ha! Thank goodness I didn’t have to go into town yesterday. Looking forward to seeing the Beasties tonight in Billyburg!!!

  2. Fraser

    The Beastie Boys were the first group that I saw perform live. Beautiful. The only unfortunate thing was that they set such a high benchmark for all concerts since to measure up to 🙂

  3. LENVT

    I had one of those days – wished mine had ended that way. It was 20 years ago I saw them live the first time …

  4. Kevin Reilly

    My day started with a walk from Penn Station to Wall Street. Ending it with the Beasties and a beer would’ve been nice…

  5. Carl Rahn Griffith

    i think we got a better deal with the damned and grinn at the holmfirth picturedome tonight (last night, i guess) … ears are very much still ringing, though.neat, neat, neat.indeed!

  6. simon

    any day seeing the beastie boys is a good one