261 Friend Requests

I turned off Facebook notifications last month. Which helped to reduce the amount of email I was getting. But it had the unfortunate effect of causing me to ignore 261 friend requests.


I am not sure about friending Steve, since I am bumming on Apple right now 😉

But to all of you who have friended me and heard nothing back, I apologize. I will get to it, I promise.

A couple cool things about looking at 261 friend requests at the same time.

You get to see where most people went to college. That’s kind of cool.

And I got a friend request from someone I don’t really know but have respected from a distance for 15 years. That’s neat.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. Geoffrey

    you can add notifications to your rss feed which would probably make it much easier to manage than email notifications.

  2. Mo

    I wanted to send you a request but I figured you are too busy, so I didn’t. I can get in touch with you here at AVC anyway.

  3. Steven Kane

    in this new era, how do you define what or who is a “friend”?term/word used to imply a certain intimacy or bondnot any moremaybe as we devalue the term “friend” we need to create a new term to replacve what “friend” used to mean. not lover, not family but a lot more than acquiantance or colleague.i nominate “compadre” – spanish word mixes traditional friendship with deeper spiritual bonding

  4. leigh

    Given your Apple issue, maybe just let Steve see your limited profile?

  5. jackson

    A problem I’m not faced with – get it? Faced with – Facebook? I’m hearing that Facebook is on it’s way out, I’m so glad I haven’t wasted my time with it. The nature of popular social networking sites are too transient. I cannot live my life at the whim of fourteen year olds and what they think is cool this month.I’ll tell youi what’s cool this month: The Jets, the Scorpions, and roasted pork shoulder.