AT&T Is Discriminating Against People With Good Credit

I don’t know if this is against the law, but if it is, I would be happy to join a class action suit against AT&T.

Last night I tried to activate the iPhone that I recieved as a gift with a pre-paid plan. A plan that I am sure tens of thousands of people have on their iPhones. The iTunes system would not allow me to activate. I got a message that said:

Additional information required to activate your iPhone

Please call AT&T at 877-800-3701 to complete your activation.

Refer to your Activation ID when calling

It was late when I got to that point, so I called AT&T this morning. I talked to a very nice customer service rep who told me that I could not get an iPhone without giving them my social security number. I told her that I was a tech blogger and just wanted to test the iPhone, review it, and then give it as a gift and I had no need or desire to sign a 2 year contract. She told me there was nothing she could do. So I asked for a manager.

After about five minutes, the manager got on the line. I repeated my case, asked him to authorize a prepaid plan for my phone. He said he could not do so. That it was AT&T policy to only issue pre-paid plans to people with valid social security numbers who fail a credit check.

So there it is. You cannot get a prepaid plan from AT&T unless you are a deadbeat. That’s discrimination in my book. And I suspect its illegal at some level.

I will never, ever, use an AT&T service again.

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