Bob On Steve

From Lefsetz:

Mr. Jobs is on the brink of a Q rating meltdown.

he hasn’t changed. Not much. But suddenly, all his wisdom and all his
talent have resulted in Apple being top dog. And EVERYBODY shoots for
the top dog.

Stunningly, Jobs isn’t even aware of the coming
backlash. As evidenced by his failure to foresee the early adopter
reaction to the iPhone price drop.

There have to be fewer
special events. Steve’s got to do some press where he laughs at
himself. The record labels and movie studios and TV networks have done
SUCH a good job of depicting him as a tyrant that some of it is now
sticking. Steve’s RIGHT! But right isn’t everything.

Steve has
always walked a fine line between the industry and the fan. But now,
it’s getting him in trouble. He’s isolated, he’s alone, out in the

In order to win in the twenty first century, first and
foremost you have to be aligned with the public. The Tommy Mottola
decade is over. It’s not about your flashy life and power, if you
believe that, you’ve watched too much "Cribs". It’s about being honest
and delivering for the public at large, with your cash and power being

Buying tunes from Starbucks via Wi-Fi on your
iPod Touch? That doesn’t get my hormones going. How about a
subscription that can verify via Wi-Fi, i.e. when you enter Starbucks?
How about more music for less money? How about further illustrating
you’re in OUR world, not THEIRS!

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