Bumming On Apple

Apple right now is like the girl I really tried to fall in love with but woke up one morning and called it off. That thing yesterday was such a turn off. Cutting the price on the iPhone by $100200 a couple months after launch and pissing off everyone who was an early adopter. What’s that all about?

And what about the wifi iPod that doesn’t sync over my home wifi network? Forget about buying music via wifi, the main thing I want with wifi is a sync every night. A wifi iPod should be like a blackberry. RIMM rocks, Apple sucks.

My new year’s resolution was to get off of Microsoft. I failed. Completely. So bad that I am buying a Dell Windows machine right now for my office so I can get some email done.

And what about the "drm is over" thing by Jobs earlier this year? Most of the music on iTunes is still DRM. Wifi or not, I am not buying on iTunes.

And when will Apple wake up and offer a subscription streaming service?  That would be the killer app for the wifi iPod.

I am so over Apple, Steve Jobs, and my MacBook.

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