Donors Choose Blogger's Challenge

I am involved in a competition with a bunch of leading bloggers to see who can raise the most money for public school teachers who want to do cool stuff in their classrooms. I need your help because I don’t want to be embarrassed and more importantly, this is a really good cause.

Donors Choose
was founded by Charles Best who was one of the people who attended our Hacking Philanthropy event last week. It is a classic Hacking Philanthropy company. They use the web to connect people with public school classrooms that need funding. It’s a marketplace for philanthropy and I think it’s a great idea.

So here’s my Donor’s Choose page. Check it out and please give some money to a good project. You’ll be helping out a public school teacher and his/her class. And you’ll be helping me keep up with some stiff competition.

This competition will last throughout the month of October so I plan to mention this a few more times and will be running a widget on my sidebar too.

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