Down 1% Already

I said I was going to join Covestor and build a public stock portfolio. I did that over the weekend. And I am down 1% already. Public market investing has never been my thing, but I am in this now and I’ll stay at it for a while.

I’ve added the Covestor widget to the right sidebar of this blog (appropriately right next to the Gaping Void cartoon of the day). So you’ll be able to see how I am doing every time you come visit this blog.

And you can follow me on Covestor and even track my trades if you want to get notified every time I trade. These are real trades. Covestor is linked to my E*Trade account. So this isn’t fantasy stock picking, it’s the real deal.

I got an email yesterday alerting me to the fact that my friend Mark sold Google. I don’t own Google so that didn’t impact me that much. But it’s interesting nonetheless.

If you like to buy and sell stocks and are interested in doing that in a social way, join Covestor and let me know your account and I’ll follow you.

#VC & Technology